Training & Facilities

The health and fitness not just starts from the mind and ends with the body but Inversely, it also starts with the body and radiates through your mind and makes you a stronger person from inside and outside. We provide an environment, where you can bring in a balance between your mind and body. Unwind your mind in the yoga classes, shake your body a bit in the dance classes, burn and strengthen in the fitness and cardio sessions, get adventurous and explore in the cross fit floor.


General fitness is a combination of Strength, Endurance and Flexibility. Strengthen your muscle : Weight train and strengthen the various body muscles. Increase your Stamina : Endurance achieved by cardio vascular exercises and group activities like aerobics, zumba and dancing. Make your body flexible : Flexibility training is achieved by full body stretching done on the floor like Yoga and Pilates. Strengthen your Core : Last but not the least, the core strengthening moves and exercises on the floor. Fitness is achieved by bringing in a proper workout plan, diet and sleep. This helps to achieve all of the above and get toned and beautiful looks. Yuva’s Fitness & Health Club provides the clients with what they need, suggesting them the proper exercise and diet plans. Our team has physiotherapists and posture correction experts who can provide posture corrections and specialised exercises for injuries.

Weight loss Weight gain Fat loss
Inch Loss & Toned looks Body building 6-pack Abs


Weight training also called as Free weights are the muscle strengthening exercises achieved by targeting on various muscles like Chest, Shoulders, Back, Triceps, Biceps, Legs, Glute and Abs performed by Dumbbells, Barbells, Medicine-Balls, Kettle-Bells, Sand-Bells and other specialised machines. Weight training is important not only for men but also for women. Weight rooms are a very important part of fitness regime. Cardio burns your fat only while exercising. But, weight trained muscles burn your calories even when you are not on the gym floor.

Benefits of weight training :

Increases the physical workout capacity Increases metabolism Improves bonedensity Promotes fat-free body mass
Increases the strength of connective tissues, muscles andtendons Burns more calories and helps lose weight faster Helps reduce depression and builds inner stamina Fights osteoporosis
Improves your posture Lowers the risk of diabetes Better heart health Prevents back and joint pains
Improves balance Gives a good sleep **Ladies – you wont get bulky, but you will look slimmer and healthier Gives good looks and makes you feel better

The fitness experts at Yuva’s Fitness & Health Club are well trained in weight training and provide personal attention on each and every individual client. We also provide full time Personal Trainers who can provide special personal attention for any focused area, at an affordable monthly packages.


CrossFit is a training philosophy that coaches people of all shapes and sizes to improve their physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness in a hardcore yet accepting and encouraging environment with a constantly varied, high-intensity functional exercises and movements. Cross fit is a fitness regimen created by Greg Glasman in the US as a registered trade mark of CrossFit, Inc. It is a high intensity workout which strengthens and conditions the entire body and especially the core by a mix of aerobic exercises, body weight exercises, weight lifting etc., CrossFit gyms uses equipment from multiple disciplines, including barbells, dumbbells, gymnastics rings, pull-up bars, jump ropes, kettle bells, medicine balls, plyo boxes, resistance bands, rowing machines, and various mats.

Cross fit targets on the 10 fitness domains :

Cardio vascular and Respiratory endurance Stamina Strength Flexibility Power
Speed Coordination Agility Balance Accuracy

CrossFit is not an exercise schedule, but a lifestyle change. Cross fit is not only for the fit and built professionals, but also for young, overweight, pathological and elderly people. This is the most preferred work out regime for athletes, surfers, tennis players etc., The cross fit replaces the heavy machine workouts with full nody weight workouts. Cross fit becomes interesting by forming a workout group. We suggest the WOD and there you go!!

Yuva’s Fitness & Health Club is one of the very few fitness clubs, which provides the cross fit floor with well specialised trainers who can provide varied workouts every day. Our health club is keen on breaking the stereotype gym workouts and motivate our clients to get adventurous and burn more calories through cross fit. We also offer periodic boot camps and adventurous trekking at the outdoor which will give you a break from the monotony of indoor workouts.


  • a. Yoga
  • b. Aerobics
  • c. Dance school for kids
  • d. Zumba

Yuva’s Fitness & Health Club has its special faculties, who can provide our clients the excellent experience and help them achieve their targets.


Yuva’s Fitness & Health Club provides these facilities to our clients.

  • a. Diet Counselling
  • b. Physiotherapy and Posture correction
  • c. Steam rooms
  • d. Locker Facility