Welcome to Yuva’s Fitness & Health Club

Yuva’s Fitness & Health Club is a dream fitness club, started on par with many leading fitness centres in the city. Yuva’s fitness and health club’s mission is to bring out the best fitness club in a different style and reach many people in an affordable price. Yuva’s Fitness & Health Club has been conceived, designed and built with a state of art facilities and advanced machines. In an area of 4000 Sq feet, the fitness club contains a gym, cross fit area, kick boxing, free floor training, circuit training and an exclusive hall for all group sessions like aerobics, Zumba, Yoga, Kids dancing etc., Spacious rooms, well lit, comfortable and clean area with a well-researched interior colour will inspire and motivate the people to work out and achieve their targets. This has been built to indicate that fitness is not just a schedule, but a life style. This cannot be achieved by a stereo typed gym but with a club which provides an overall portfolio of varied workout regimes.

Training & Facilities

The health and fitness not just starts from the mind and ends with the body but Inversely, it also starts with the body and radiates through your mind and makes you a stronger person from inside and outside. We provide an environment, where you can bring in a balance between your mind and body. Unwind your mind in the yoga classes, shake your body a bit in the dance classes, burn and strengthen in the fitness and cardio sessions, get adventurous and explore in the cross fit floor.

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